Lingerie used to be private, inappropriate to show off in any manner. Our grandmas and aunts-for some us, our mothers, too-would politely fix and shift our dresses to ensure these delicates remain hidden in public. They are some of the most beautiful pieces we wear, but no one gets to see them!

We love the growing trend in fashion of letting slips show. Their danity, romantic laces and silky textures, robust with intricate details, need to be seen! Now, they can be shown for what they are-beautiful, high-fashion skirts and dresses-without the connotation of being improper or tasteless. Our store if full of these lovelies, so we often get asked, "But how do I wear it!?" For those ladies wanting to explore styling slips as outwear, we put together six different outfits centered entirely around the trend. It is time to show your lingerie!

1) Taking a classic vintage white slip, we added a skirt and wrap sweater to accentuate the lace on top and bottom. It's girly, warm and comfortable! Add a pair of espadrilles or your favorite tennies to complete the look.

2) The tie-dye detail on this piece is amazing! We kept the styling to a minimum and just added a tiny floral printed button-up to compliment the bold splashes of periwinkle and rust on the slip.

3) Two sheers? Why not layer them together! And then throw a jean vest on top for an effortlessly romantic look. This allowed the details on the rose-beige to still peak through the lacy dress, adding its low waist and crochet sleeves to make this one of our favorite looks!

4) This little skirt slip just melts us! We could not let it get lost, so we kept the outfit neutral and sweet with a white peasant top and sweater. The weave on the sweater and the hand stitching on on the skirt add texture and interest in place of color or prints.

5) Get out your chucks and run through the fields with this one. A graphic crop sweater atop a cut out lace skirt: yes please! The perfect blend of Americana and femme.

6) Lingerie's lightweight nature lends well to traveling-easy to pack and romantic for when you're on the road. Pair with a cashmere sweater and jet set for the weekend, wherever you go!