Snapped: SLO Street Style

Our town is full of locals with an eye for style, so we took it upon ourselves to show them off! Snapped, SLO Street Style posts will highlight the daily fashion in San Luis Obispo that grabs our attention as well as our camera. Work it, SLO!

Springtime means fashion takes a turn: jackets are optional, sandals stay on in the evening, and everyone bares a little more. And our streets are no different! Here is Genoa, a Cal Poly student, with her colorful nails and accessories, including a sweet Brandy Melville bra!

Here is Kelly, she works at Rosetta in town. We found her strolling Farmer's Market with her bunches of greens.

These darling girls work down the street at a local clothing store, Ambiance: Mikaela and Emily.

Lizzie's style earned her our bohemian mama title-not to mention she really is a mom!

Right in step with the blooming wildflowers, Sierra, a music school teacher, rocks a cute sunflower dress while humming down the street-with perfect pitch of course. Are you next? Wear your best sunny style and we'll keep our eyes peeled for you!