Collections: Copper

This week, Stacy shares her collection with us! This is a mere sprinkling of the many beautiful things she collects:
My grandfather made these copper leaf vases before I was born. It was the first time I noticed copper, when my mom would use them around our house. I guess I got my start there... 

The cool thing about collecting is you can mix and match with high and low, and they go together. For example, an item that costs one dollar can go with a rare, handmade piece.

The utility of things fascinates me--wondering who used them and what they did.

I particularly like this copper trophy, apparently never won, though we know who would have presented it.

I grew up much like Ruby, traveling all over and frequenting flea markets. Many pieces I own now are passed down from my mother and grandparents. My grandpa and grandma actually stayed at the old Paso Inn on their honeymoon years ago!