Sisterhood of the Traveling Bag: Kim

After oo-ing and awe-ing over this bag for weeks, we knew it was no ordinary purse. And in a stroke of inspiration, we found its purpose (rather, its purse-pose): to accompany us in our daily lives. It's a hand-stitched, black and tan leather bag, with a simple design and easy complements any outfit, day or night, and is hearty enough to go just about anywhere. For this year, we are passing it around through the Ruby crew, and documenting what adventures ensue. It is our version of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. So, without further adieu, we bring you The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bag!
Sometimes we are asked where we go to find things to fill Ruby Rose with weekly. Most of the time, our search for fun finds leads us North or South, away from the Central Coast, and into the BIG cities. But occasionally we can be seen traipsing about the Central Coast hunting and gathering.

Sometimes we take the truck.

And sometimes a car.

Whatever our mode of transportation, we usually manage to fill it.

All work and no play makes life dull, so a short trip to visit family in Las Vegas was in order.

Purse trying the Wheel of Fortune slots.

I call this the Where's Waldo Purse picture. It blends in so well with the train.

At the Boulder City train museum.

Back in California, a quick trip. To Avila pier, to buy fresh fish.