Way Out West: A Day in Portland

Welcome to long days and warmer nights, Summer is here! It's also time to stretch your wandering limbs and explore: in this blog series we will be highlighting the great things to see and do Way Out West (check out last week's!). You don't need to step far from our coast to discover great adventures-make it a day or a weekend, grab your sunhat and go...
Only a day after touching back down from my trip to Portland, and I am already thinking of places to return to and making a list of places I want to see for next time. Each neighborhood (each street even!) is practically a city in itself, it's impossible to see it all the first time around!  Portland's public transport toggles between the MAX train and streetcars, enabling you to reach just about any stretch of the city. From there, certain low to no traffic streets are designated bike routes (like our Marsh St in SLO)!
After reflecting on the many sights I saw and spaces I entered, if I could spend one day back in Portland with only my walking shoes on or pair of pedals, I would head straight to the Northeast side. This area carried a beauty for me in its wildflower front yards, porches on almost every home, and food still lingering on my tastebuds.

Tasty & Sons. Don't miss a day of brunching in the city, starting here. Water Avenue coffee, a complete Bloody Mary menu, potatoes bravas with over easy eggs & aioli, Auntie Paula's french toast with strawberry rhubarb maple & whipped cream, Burmese red pork stew with short grain rice & eggs two ways.
Radar. Tasty lazy sours, deviled eggs three ways, and roasted radishes with brown butter & sea salt
Paxton Gate. I had to drag myself out of this store, only after discovering the mother store is driving distance from SLO, in San Fran.
Spin Laundry Lounge. I wish I had had some dirty socks with me to my wash when I strolled by this gem.
Rebuilding Center. Doors on doors on doors.
Worn Path. Refurbished axes to Forest park maps to Poler Camp gear, all things hip and manly.
Pistils Nursery. They wanted a unique garden shop, and successfully, I've never seen anything like it.
Animal Traffic. A mix of new and old Americana goods. I needed to bring a second suitcase.
Half Pint Vintage. Heaps of vintage of leather!
Lodekka. A double decker bus turned dress shop: yes please.
Back Talk. New and olds, with a fashion designer sharing the space as her studio.
Queen Bee Creations. Like an open kitchen restaurant, the front space is their retail and the back opens up to their workspace full of bolts of cloth and sewing machines.
Flutter. "A beautiful disarray of found objects and clutter"--well said.

Mt Tabor. Bike to the top on the path or climb over 256 steps (we counted) to the hilltop park overlooking parts of Portland.
Seven Virtues. Cappuccinos and macchiatos all day long.
Tannery Bar. Old habits cocktail, corn nuts, fried cauliflower & namesake fries with garlic chili aioli
Country Cat. Here's brunch again: Bloody Mary with jerky, Two fried eggs on a biscuit dressed with sausage gravy &served with home fries, Cast iron skillet fried chicken & toasted pecan-bacon spoonbread dressed in maple syrup. 
The Maven. Vintage and new items to drool over.

Salt & Straw. Ice cream extraordinaireschocolate chip mint julep, coffee and bourbon, honey balsamic strawberry with cracked pepper, chocolate with gooey brownies, and honey lavender. Yum.
Blue Star Donuts. Donut connoisseurs.

Been to Portland? What spots did you swoon over?