Way Out West: O,jai!

Welcome to long days and warmer nights, Summer is here! It's also time to stretch your wandering limbs and explore: in this blog series we will be highlighting the great things to see and do Way Out West (check out last week's!). You don't need to step far from our coast to discover great adventures-make it a day or a weekend, grab your sunhat and go...
Approximately 2.5 hours from San Luis Obispo a nook of a town sits perched between the coast and the hills. It is a place where time slows down and cacti's and palm trees stand out against a backdrop of endless hiking ranges. Turn East from Santa Barbara or Ventura, and wind your waaaaay back until   suddenly, you breathing slows and deepens, and your heart skips a beat--that how you'll know you're in Ojai.

A growing spot for LA locals to getaway, and a longstanding spiritual and spa retreat, Ojai is brimming with greatness. The bike path that runs throughout the entire the area is our preferred way of travel, making it much easier to stop at the roadside succulent sales and curbside tipis (we told you it was a magical place). The time warp in Ojai gives you a sense of leisure with time to spare, you could easily fit all these places in on a quick weekend away (we did!):

Modern Folk
Desert Images
Summer Camp
Bart's Books
Bookstore & Curiosities

Ojai Rancho Inn: one of many endeavors by the Shelter Social Club, they outdid themselves again, as we are still drooling over this spot.

Ojai Farmer's Market:
The Farmer & the Cook
Papa Lennon's Pizzeria
Azu CA Tapas
Knead Baking Company
Tipple & Ramble