With moving into more days and a bigger space, we needed to bulk up our staff a bit. Lucky for us and as always, the perfect person fell right out of the sky and at the register. Meet the newest addition to our Ruby Crew, Kurt Haacker! Native to San Luis Obispo, we like to think we discovered a hidden gem, both on stage and off. A recent theatre grad from PCPA & current intern, we have seen a few of Kurt's performances and plan to see many more (watch out Broadway!) as he launches into his career. In the meantime, he keeps us and our customers entertained around the shop, working as our one and only salesMAN.

Kurt is the man of the shop. He does whatever Stephanie or Kim tell him to, whether it's grabbing lunch, moving heavy items, or reaching things out-of-reach. When he’s not, find him onstage acting. With his sweetly gregarious personality & matched talent, we know he’s headed for the stars!

He more than proved his keep during the renovation of our space, Kurt stripped, swept and kept us smiling more than we could have asked for. We know you will love him, his acting, and what he brings to Ruby Rose, welcome Kurt!
Stop by the store Wednesdays, Fridays or Sundays to have the pleasure of meeting Kurt.