Tumbleweeds & Chandeliers

Collecting tumbleweeds is not easy on the Central Coast.
Or in a drought year.

We had a source, head to the 41/46 E junction, there will be a fence--the tumbleweeds from the Valley collect there near James Dean's crash site. 

The project was tumbleweed chandeliers and finding they were within easy driving distance, we excitedly jumped in the bug early Tuesday morning with our coffee and headed North. Fifteen minutes before the fork, in the middle of somewhere between the last winery and Shandon, the alternator froze. 

And we found ourselves waiting for two and a half hours, on the side of the road, with no water, and no tumbleweeds, waiting for help to arrive. We felt a bit defeated, hot and frustrated, but in the end we found some weeds and played in the street (don't try this at home).

Determined to make a large car bill and seemingly wasted hours worth it, we tried again the next morning, but in the truck. This time, we made it.
And it was so worth it.

We had redeemed the day, and made not one, but three chandeliers. Because when you happen upon tumbleweeds, you don't pick up just one.