Pop Up at the Rose this Saturday!

This Saturday, December 6th, we are doubling our vintage stock here at the shop--by hosting our friend Jennifer Randall!

She'll be at the store from 11-5p with her handpainted vintage trailer, RetroSLO. It will be vintage on the cheap, with nothing over five dollars. Here's a bit from Jennifer on her story into selling:

I have been a lover of vintage items since I was a kid. I remember going to a certain antique store, Kay Luke's, with my parents quite often as I was growing up. I always got one treasure each time I went. Once it was a breadbox, or a small glass animal, or a pair of gloves, and so on. I still have each of these items today.  Sifting through the lovely and often forgotten items was so much fun. Each one had a story to discover.
Within the last few years I purchased two women's entire lifetime collections of clothing and accessories. 
They couldn't handle the storage or selling of the clothing, due to time, health and finances. I receive such joy by going through the endless boxes of dresses, lingerie, leather coats and hats and on and on! With each purchase, I felt I was doing something positive for these women by re-homing their hundreds of boxes of items. I look forward to others finding their treasure pieces, something fun, whimsical or downright gorgeous. I try to keep things super affordable, get the items out into the world and being enjoyed!

Check out her Etsy store (link above) for a preview, then come on down and see her haul!