So Much More Than a Flag

Some years, the annual holiday mostly associated with a day off, possibly a barbecue, and the start of summer vacation season reaches into your heart and pulls the chain to a lightbulb overhead, and you get it. The meaning sets in and suddenly looking at the flags being posted outside your neighborhood's homes carry the weight of memory, of fellow life lost. The reflection of something bigger than us as individuals, something bigger than everyday life as an American jogs the reality that we are all a part of this one country, good or bad and right or wrong at times, but together. And men and women have fought for us to stay together, for the good or bad and right or wrong, sacrificing their everyday American life so we can continue to have one.

photo: smithsonian photo contest

As you celebrate, remember, and rest today, let every American flag you see be a waving memorial, a flapping headstone--let it be more than just a flag. The stories it carries, what it means to you and what it meant to those who chose to fight--take one as a show of gratitude, another as a morn for lost loved ones, another in celebration of freedom. Have a very happy Memorial Day, won't you?

photo: pinterest