What We're Eating: Fish

Feeling fishy over at the Rose lately--maybe it's our Spring fever for Summer, or our need for light meals in warm weather, but we can't seem to get enough of the many fishy options countywide. So we went on a hunt to fill your week with seafaring delectables, and discovered we could easily opt for one of our favorite fish options every day of the week. It's got us humming the Beatles, Ain't got nothing but love babe // Eight days a week--see what we're eating:

Our lofty Monday goals of waking up early and beginning the week fully prepped and bright-eyed offften look a bit more like: hitting the snooze, skipping an already overdue shower, rushing out the door sans coffee while forgetting to grab the I'm-trying-not-to-eat-out bagged lunch so carefully packed Sunday night. Still, don't let Mondays get you down--there is redemption awaiting on your lunch hour.
Santa Cruz Taqueria in the MOJO district has the best case of the Mondays cure. Their ceviche tostada is not only refreshing, delicious and filling, it is also only three dollars. And it comes with free chips and a killer salsa bar (be warned: the unassuming pink habanero salsa is not for the faint of tastebuds). Tip a dollar and walk away with a fully satisfied tummy and new perspective on your week for under $5. You'll even stay fueled for that after work workout you had planned. Take that, Monday.

Many locals hail the all day Thursday happy hour here at Luna Red, but we'd rather steak out their Tuesday Tequila and Tacos. This is the day they roll out their beer battered fish tacos topped with spicy cabbage slaw, and we get transported to Baja Mexico with each bite. Grab a few friends, get the plate with ten of these fishy friends (with a drizzle of the lime crema), and pair with their market fresh margarita for a real treat. Ole!

photo cred: Luna Red

The original California fusion restaurant, the drive to Morro Bay breezes by when headed for dinner at Taco Temple. Don't fill up on their chips (this will be hard to do), because overflowing cabbage and tangy flavors accent the most amazing crab cakes (forever on the special board) entree. It may possible to leave this place any less than stuffed, but we've never met anyone--take this as a challenge and see if you can keep your fork from moving crab to mouth...it was a valiant effort. And pick us up on the way out, we make excellent dinner guests!

photo from taco temple facebook

photo from taco temple facebook

You've all heard Pismo's Splash Cafe's bread bowl and the line it commands, but Avila is commanding a chowder all its own. With the week finished and only the weekend ahead, watch the sunset sink into the ocean while strolling through the Avila Farmers' Market. Take time to sample some strawberries and almond brittle before choosing which chowder will keep you warm on the pier. Our preference is Old Port Inn's bread bowl chowder--much lighter than Splash's version, full of chunks of clam, celery and onion. Tastes like grandma's famous clam chowder--if, of course, your grandma made chowder, and it was utterly delicious. What's on the agenda the rest of the weekend? We have one suggestion...

Save wine tasting for another weekend, head to Barrelhouse Brewing Co. and indulge in a smoked salmon taco...and possibly a beer. Every Saturday, Ruddell's Smokehouse drives from Cayucos to Paso Robles and posts up serving some groupie worthy fish tacos. You've had fried and grilled fish tacos, but have you tried one smoked? or with salmon? This is the taco to reinvigorate your tastebuds for another week of fish, because chances are you'll be pining for at least one of these again.

photo cred: SLO Eater

photo cred: Ruddell's facebook

Not enough? We thought so. Try sushi at Goshi's, or cook your own fish from Toggnazzini's in Morro Bay (the fresh salmon melts in your mouth, so buttery).