Behind the Scenes: Eco Fashion Show

We had an amazing time at the Eco Fashion Show Friday night. Not only did we get to see some our clothes walk the runway, a couple of our girls--Sara Frederick & Ruby Hendry--modeled, too! If you were there or if you missed it, Ruby took some behind-the-scenes shots for us recapping the show.

Model Britten Anderson driving the the models to the shoot while in her lovely white peasant dress. We carpooled together so that we could use the car ride to help each other plan our sassy walks for the runway!

Model Lauren Hutkin practicing her "booty pop" in the parking lot before the show! Lauren rocked this vintage bathing suit, metallic leather sandals, and jean jacket!!

A quick snapshot of the stage and runway before our run through of the show! Two lil models from Eco Bambino can be seen practicing their walks on the stage!

Myself with my two best friends, Britten and Lauren! Ruby Rose's manager Kim asked me to model for the show and I said I couldn't do it unless my girls could do it with me! We had so much fun getting dressed together and goofing around in the lounge before our call time!

Last minute touch up before we were called backstage!

My mom snapped this picture of me on the runway. I was so nervous before I walked on stage but I was met with a huge round of applause as the MC announced that I was the Ruby of Ruby Rose! I was shocked and honored, leaving my cheeks sore from all the smiling. The whole experience was SO much fun and I was glad to see many familiar faces, both modeling and in the audience!

A huge thank you on behalf of Ruby Rose to the coordinators of the show--we were so glad to be a part of such a beautiful and positive community that supports sustainable fashion! And thank you to everyone who came out to support us, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!