Customer Spotlight: Tinker Tin Trailer Co.

If you need a smile on your face or some sunshine in your day, say hi to Jaime of Tinker Tin Trailer Co! Today, she shares with us a recent photoshoot she styled and coordinated, and we were so honored to offer our clothes for the fun!

Wardrobe: Ruby Rose
Flower Crowns: Huckleberry Market
Dream Catchers: Charlie's Web
Set/Styling: Tinker Tin Trailer Co.

This photo shoot took place at a private ranch in Cayucos. All the models involved are all real life best friends and all went or go to Cal Poly together! These cowgirls all met in one of their AG Science and Ag Business, Dairy Science, Crop Science, or Animal Science majors etc! These girls represent the Central Coast, and our extremely important AG future here, and that makes us soo proud! Some of the girls in the shoot come from deep rooted farming, dairy, and ranching families and it so incredibly beautiful to see them pursuing careers in a field so close to home, and carrying on such an important part of their families history and our local AG history! These girls are badasses to say the least! This group of girls is just as comfortable in dresses and heels as they are working in their majors and getting their hands dirty. That to us sums up the Central Coast!

We at Tinker Tin are so inspired by Ruby Rose, because like this particular group of girls who have created a strong and lasting friendship rooted in tradition and family values, Ruby Rose has single handedly created a similar community based on the same principles...simply by being themselves!

When you walk into Ruby Rose, you instantly can feel the amazing energy...and you can't help but want to feel more of it! The shop oozes warmth, friendship, creativity, self expression, and inspiration! Ruby Rose has given so many locals a place to call "home" without even meaning to do so, by creating so much more than an amazing boutique--creating a place where you can be yourself, and express yourself free of judgement. Come one, come all, be who you be, and love who you are! An extremely talented and crafted eye for design, as well as saving and giving new meaning and life to old items, Ruby Rose is successfully sharing unique stories with the community one funky vintage item at a time...and that to us is so inspirational!