Customer Spotlight: Christina Lilly

We met Christina when she sauntered into our shop, and were excited to see what she came up with when she borrowed a beautiful dress for a shoot. The photos are just stunning! Today, Christina Lilly shares how this shoot came together on her trip way out west, along with her best shots....

As a photographer from the East Coast, I wanted to put together a shoot to capture some of California's best. I already had the pretty face and the location. I just needed to find the right piece to photograph my model in. Ruby Rose came highly recommended from a friend, who happens to be an interior designer. I take her recommendations pretty seriously. She has impeccable taste. I walked into Ruby Rose on a mission to buy some housewares maybe, but I was not thinking about my shoot. I thought maybe a vintage rug or some antique jewelry.

Then I saw this beautiful 1920's, peach, silk chiffon dress and my shoot popped right back into my mind. I knew the dress would translate into any decade. I generally aim to read timeless in my photography. It would be perfect. This was the last item to tie things together. I loved the muted tones of the beach and the cliff side and the dress blended right in with the color palette. The earthy tones and the golden California sun played well against my model Ashley's dark hair and green eyes. The flapper style dress floating on the wind made for some stunning shots. Sometimes it's a little dress that can inspire an entire shoot. You never know what you're looking for until you find it, and Ruby Rose was perfect for that.