Weekly Six: 8.12

Before we open our doors for the week, check out our top six vintage picks. We constantly update our inventory, and we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in! So, without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Hats off to these beauties! One black and tan to keep the rays off and feeling cool. Bold rosettes? Or leather trimmed? Whatever your fancy, we've got you(r) (head) covered.

2: All day, macrame. Keep your wallet and keys safe and not sorry with this sweetly draped purse at your side.

3: "Oh, give me a home?" This buffalo's roam called to us, and now he's looking for a new range, er, table.

4: All green with envy from your friends' blankets? The tides have turned--though these blankets are green, you'll be feeling much better wrapped up in one of these wool wonders.

5: Shiny, stoic, vintage--this myrtle-wood lamp is just gorgeous. You'll be leaving the light on a little bit longer.

6: As vibrant as can be, and in such good condition, we couldn't help but grab multiples of these beautiful rugs! Each pattern a little different, but equally unique.