The Weekly Six: 9.24

Before we open our doors for the week, check out our top six vintage picks. We constantly update our inventory, and we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in! So, without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Tea time or dinner time, English dish ware makes sitting at the table a bit more sophisticated more even the most casual of eaters. These delicate porcelain are waiting to hold a turkey and gravy, don't forget to invite them to Thanksgiving dinner! 

2: Tribal inspired embroidery with a drop waist twenties touch, Free People does not disappoint! Pair with a leather cowboy hat and leather clogs for a comfortable school day or weekend of romping.

3: Die cut, Moroccan inspired lamp just hanging out and being beautiful. It makes stunning look simple, and will add the finishing touch to your perfect setting.

4: We have your mom's coffee table book, circa 1969. The Famous Photographer's Annual is a page turner- transporting you back to the turn of the decade and the years of free spirits and fashion icons. It's a true vintage time capsule.

5: We lay out the red carpet for you here at Ruby Rose--well, we lay out the turquoise rose runner (which we prefer to anyway!).

6: A folding table that doesn't look anything like a folding table, that's the stuff. Bring out on the patio for an extra side table for company or use as an apartment-sized coffee table (easily moveable for dance parties). If the detail on the silver tray doesn't convince you, the spirally wooden legs should stop you in your tracks.

The Weekly Six

Before we open our doors today, check out our top six picks. We are constantly updating our inventory, and we want to keep you in the loop of the new things coming in! So, without further adieu, we bring you:

1: Bikes are for going! This 1978 road bike is ready to go with new tires, tune up, brake cable & pads. Summer begs you to join its long days and endless adventures with the wind in your hair as you pedal on into the sunset. The only rule: don't stop movin'!

2: We are dreaming of travels and far away places...lay your head down & dream of getting lost in tropical seas and sunny beaches. This felt-fringed pillowcase is sure to enhance wanderlust wherever it lays.

3: Out with the textbooks and in with the fun--time to craft! What can you make with a book full of vintage pages and hand drawn illustrations?

4: Come on ring my bell, ell, ell. Alert the neighbors that school's out & Summer calls, or call all your friends over for dinner, beach day or for no reason at all!

5: Going on vacation? Laying around the house? Headed to a BBQ? Having to work but wish you were going on vacation? Do it all with this sweet and gauzy embroidered dress.

6: Safety first! Now that school's out, stay sharp & take your pencil on the go to log your observations on birds, plants, & nature at summer camp and camping. And always remember: only you can prevent forest fires.