Slocal Biz: Curio

While we do not operate on trade or consignment, San Luis Obispo has some great local businesses who do. One of them is Curio Women's Resale, owned and operated by Donna Cody. She is a great friend and colleague to Ruby Rose, and curated a great shop down in the Creamery. Here about her story, and space, here:

Tell us a little bit about Curio—how you got started and what your vision for it was.

I opened the store eight years ago. i love to hunt for stuff—I love flea markets and yard sales, I would always find great items and then they wouldn’t be my size, or I didn’t need it. And then I thought, Gosh, man this is a great item it would be great to have an outlet where I can find stuff I love and pass it on to my customers at a really good deal. I like to be something between a thrift store and a consignment shop: I’m not as expensive as consignment but it should be a little more than a thrift store, because everything is handpicked and just for the store.
I have a couple women that have helped me for a few years find stuff—they sell at the local flea market and they also sell online—they let me handpick all my favorite things from them before they actually go to the flea market. My customers can bring things in and get credit to shop.

What is the process for people bringing items in? Do they need to set up an appointment with you?

We ask them to go to our website now and click on the Trades tab. They can see what we’re doing—whether we’re trading that day, specifically what we need or don’t need, before they actually come in with their items.

How do you like your location in the Creamery?

I picked the location because I think resale shops should be off the beaten path a little bit. Part of the fun of a resale shop is discovering it. And the fact it’s on the corner—I always imagined a little shop on a corner so from both entrances you can see the store. The Creamery doesn’t get a ton of foot traffic, but we have new owners and they’ll be redoing a lot of the Creamery—a courtyard out front with outdoor seating for the restaurants, music venues, etc. They’re working on facelifting the whole place and I want to wait it all out because I hope more people will be interested in having their businesses in here. I like being down here, and though I would sometimes like to be closer to other spots like Ruby Rose, I would be silly to loose this spot. I have yearly people that will come in and say, This is my spot, I’m traveling from San Francisco or LA, and they think it’s a great deal.

Who is your demographic of shoppers?

I actually had a helper one time who kept track of everyone who walked in here—we guestemated their age, whether they purchased or didn’t purchase—just to see. And we have everyone from seventeen year olds to seventy year olds. When we broke them down into ranges, and got to be eighteen to sixty—there was really no difference. I do try to gear towards a young minded person, but I have a lot of women who come in here who are more middle-aged and different sizes who I cater to. If I could pick, I would just have really funky, unique, eclectic fun stuff and not worry about the, Do you have suit for work for me? type inquiries. But I do break it up—I won’t have the suit, but I’ll maybe have a skirt and a jacket you can put together.
The most fun way to do a resale shop is when you get to do all the hunting—when it’s really busy in here I can hire people to be at the shop and I can go out. But having customers bring items in, I still have to like the stuff, see that it has potential. I get to be creative in that way.

Are you a native to San Luis Obispo?

I am—my grandmother who’s 94 used to come to the Creamery with her grandparents when this was actually a creamery (milk processing plant). My family has been here for seven generations. I know that sounds like a lot, but I also have a Native American family who’s from Salinas—that’s my heritage. I’ve take a couple years and been in other places, like in the Bay Area for three years, but this is where is my family and my roots are.

New Biz in Town: Central Coast Archery

It was just a few years ago archery found its resurgence from voracious readers' turned hunters. The Hunger Games brought archery back into the pop conscious, only for many of us to realize it has been a prominent sport for many years prior. For the Wilson family, it has been more than a twenty-year-in-the-making dream of opening their own archery shop. Scott and his two sons, Daniel and Joel, have turned the family hobby into their family business, opening Central Coast Archery off Los Osos Valley Road this past September 2014. Here they share their passion with our community through a fully stocked, professionally operated retail archery store and indoor shooting range--offering lessons and leagues to accommodate long time experienced archers as well as those who've only seen bows and arrows in the movies.

We've had the privilege of knowing this SLOcal family for quite awhile as both customers and friends--and are so excited to see this new biz in town (it also seems to pair well with our love of all things Native American). A few of us at the store have a budding skill in archery, while the rest of our crew is looking forward to learning something new!

Have you ever tried your hand at archery? Tomorrow (Saturday, November 15) join Central Coast Archery for their grand opening from 9-5p--free archery and BBQ (don't worry, you won't have to kill your own meat), enter to win a free bow (and more),  and hear from paralympic World Champion Jeff Fabry (10a and 2p). Take home a bull's eye and maybe an arrow or two, and join the fun being had by the Wilsons in their new space! See you there!

Follow this SLOcal biz on Facebook and on Instagram (@centralcoastarchery)

Slocal Biz: The Mercantile

"I am ridiculous with gift giving, I think that's all why this happened. I mean, it's fun. It makes everybody happy. You know what I mean? We have no idea how long we're here for, so, make people happy and give them gifts."
-Katelyn Kaney, owner The Mercantile

Some of us have a rich history here in San Luis Obispo. Small business has such a history here. This particular one began on 1019 Chorro Street, just below where Luna Red sits now, in 1899. George Deiss and John Berkemeyer opened a butcher shop at this location, hiring Italian brothers Bill and Pino Cattaneo. Taking what they learned, and only $200, the two launched their own sausage and jerky biz on Caudill Street in the seventies, becoming famously known as Cattaneo Bros.

There is another history which began one block down and across the street at 950 Chorro, where a Cal Poly grad, Jayne Kaney, opened an antique store in 1976. Her mother had bought the building and she curated a storefront, running The Backdoor for more than ten years. It was then in 1988, she took her business savvy and joined with her husband, Mike Kaney, to purchase Cattaneo Bros. It is here were our two histories collide into one: Katelyn Kaney.

Growing up in the family biz, Katelyn learned much from her parents and grew familiar with the business of Cattaneo Bros. She watched them expand their line to turkey jerky to fruits and nuts, introduce a catalog, rebrand and repackage to encourage these items not only for snacks, but as gifts. So, when her parents passed in 2008, Katelyn took the reigns as owner. And, for the past five years, has continued building what her parents began. Last November, she returned to the street where it all started, to the same storefront her mother once owned on 950 Chorro. It is an offshoot of her already established business, as well as a space for her to showcase other local products. It is, truly, The Mercantile.

The manufacturing side of things for Cattaneo Bros. is challenging and can be stressful. And since it is Katelyn's passion to have a gift shop and interacting with the people, this storefront serves as a breath of fresh air. The Mercantile launched in November, displaying an array of Cattaneo Bros. products-including their new line of Range grass-fed, nitrate free jerky (Ruby Rose approved, it comes in four flavors, equally delicious)-as well as loads of other locally sourced items. Katelyn wants to promote products made in SLO from small producers and hobbyists who may not have the platform to get into big businesses. And then put them all together in one basket, and give it away.

One of the most unique things about The Mercantile is its appeal to locals and passers through alike. While you can buy items separately, Katelyn provides another brilliant service: build your own gift basket: "My goal is for someone to walk into the store and be able to create some kind of gift, whether it's a natural food basket...whether it's a sweet tooth basket or whether it's an all meat basket...whatever they need, they can find some things here." There is a space in the back of the shop with everything you need to create a beautiful gift basket full of local products. Choose from jerkies, dried fruits, nuts, Therabee honey, San Luis Soap Company, Templeton Toffee, local linens and locally made jewelry. You can even add in your own local wine! The Mercantile is dedicated to keeping the price point on all in-store items affordable.

She recognizes her own business' tiny beginnings in a basement meat market, and wants to continue to tell the history of shopping small in San Luis Obispo. The Mercantile is open Monday through Saturday 10a-6p and Sunday 11a-5p. So be sure to stop in, grab a gift-or basketful-and enjoy a little taste of our county. Oh, and don't forget to follow The Mercantile on Instagram (@themercslo) and on Facebook.

We are open today! Get your late shopping done at Ruby Rose!

Today, Monday December 23 we are open 11 - 3 for some last minute shopping! Did you check everyone off your list this year? We have Ruby Rose gift cards and great small items for stocking stuffers! We will be closed tomorrow, Christmas Eve, and will re-open on Thursday, January 2! We hope your Christmas is merry and bright. xo, Ruby Rose.

The Holiday Stitch Market

The Holiday Stitch Market is here! It's only $1 entrance fee at Grace Church (1350 Osos Street, on the corner of Osos Street & Pismo Street). 25+ local vendors will be selling their handmade crafts and goodies - this is another great opportunity to shop SLOcal this holiday season! The Stitch Market will be open the next few days: Thursday December 5th 4 p.m. - 10 p.m., Friday December 6th 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., Saturday December 7th 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Vintage Holiday Shopping Guide

We've put together a nice shopping guide for you this holiday season so you can check everything off your vintage shopping list! Plaid Friday (11/29), Small Business Saturday (11/30), the Junking Trail (11/29 + 11/30), 10th Annual Cowgirl Christmas (11/30). Remember to shop local and shop vintage :) xo, Ruby Rose.

10th Annual Cowgirl Christmas

Support local + small businesses this Saturday November 30th from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Trinity Hall (6565 Edna Road) for the 10th Annual Cowgirl Christmas! Hey, why not do some wine tasting while you are at it? Clairborne & ChurchillSextantPiedra Creek are all within a half-mile radius! Drink local + shop local! The following vendors and crafters will be there:

Accent by Design ~ Jim Churchill
All Around Rope Design ~ Rick Klein
All in for Alison ~ Sabrina Garibay
Aloette Skin Care ~ Kristen Jones
Ammo Wear ~ The Bartletts
Andrea's Jams & Jellies ~ Andrea Manderscheid
Arbonne ~ Julie Powell
Author Jenna Elizabeth Johnson ~ Jenna Johnson
Barn Star Soaps ~ Meghan Sheen
Be-Do-Ni Arts ~ Loretta Nez
Bitterwater Road ~ Julie Kuhnle & Jani Kasfeldt
BombShell Betty Shop ~ Jodi Douglass
Boot Purse Barn ~ Chris West
Buckaroo Chunk Wood Grills ~ Tom King
Buckin' Cow & Wanna Buck ~ Cindy Soberano
California Cashew Brittle ~ Amy Hinden
Carissa Country Store ~ Emily Palmer
Catchers of the Sun ~ Cynthia Youngern
Celebrate Every Day Photography ~ Missy Schwartz
Central Coast Cowgirls Drill Team ~ Faith Cortez & Yolanda Goldammer
City Girl Country Charm ~ Lacey Chrissakis
Chicsak ~ Sally Buchanan
Cowgirls Country Outpost ~ Ally Krueger
Creative Clutter ~ Sandra Hopkins
Crimson Heart Studios ~ Cindy Dubbers
Crossed by Gypsy Soule ~ Janel Flook
Cattle Coozies ~ Sara Schultz
Cherry Tape ~ Sherry Logan
Cookie Lee ~ Jennifer & Amy
Coop & Barrel ~ Jennifer Rodriguez
Corbett Canyon Crafts ~ Mallory Furtado
Country Treasure Box ~ Kim Poletti
Coyote Ridge ~ Diana Saulsbury
D & N Designs ~ Nate & Destini Bisio
Elfin & Isla ~ Lara Levy
Flores Family Blankets ~ Ashley Flores
Garden Street Art ~ Jamie Tyler
Gemstone Gypsy ~ Glenna Valenzuela
Glitter Farm ~ Jenny Karp
Guts N Grit ~ Randi Kampen
Gypsy Cowgirl ~ Jennifer Carey
Head Trip ~ Glory Vanhorn
Heart House Creations ~ Russ Harrah
Hernandez Bit & Spur ~ Joe Hernandez
Horse N Beyond ~ Pam Bobson
It Works ~ Melissa Mann
Jewelnanza ~ Kimber Bogue Black
Jewel Kade ~ Melissa McConaghey Thomas
Julietta's Natural ~ Julie Grimes
K. Donlon Designs ~ Kerry & Dave Bowen
KC Crafters ~ Christi Millsap
KL Kustom Kreations ~ Krystie Hinkle
La Bella Olives & Gourmet Foods ~ The Sackmanns
Lia Sophia ~ Leslie Gottesman
Life After Love Boutique ~ Hogla Garcia
Little Outlaw Creations ~ Michelle Alexander
Little's Bowtique ~ Lillianne Delapaz
Love, Chrystal ~ Chrystal McNeil
Lyn & Lee ~ Cassandra Erpenbach
Mason and Lace ~ Lacy Lewis
Mikes Trains & Hobbies ~ Mike Marple
Minabazar ~ Jamil Rana
Nana Bandanas Leatherworks ~ Sally Donaldson
Native Herbs & Honey ~ Violet Cavanaugh
Norwex ~ Vanessa Pronge
Old Finds New Shine ~ Lisa Vincent
Ontiveros Wine Barrel ~ Donna & John
Origami Owl ~ Michelle Alexander
Painted Trails Farm ~ Carol Mallory
Pamela's ~ Pamela Amrine
The Pampered Chef ~ Cathy Solkshinitz
The Crafty Hubby ~ Chris Rogalla
Partylite Gifts, Inc ~ Kasondra Zamora
Photography by Jimmy de ~ Jim deBrauwere
Plexus Worldwide & Heart 4 Health Massage ~ Katrina Pobst
Polly Jane's ~ Polly Fitzgerald
Pozo Fence Post Art ~ Janice McBride
Pure Necessities ~ Taryn Warrrecker
Recycled Denims ~ Heidi Clark
Rita's Rainbows ~ Cassy Goehner & Mary Holliday
Roost ~ Susan Ammirota
Rustic Treasures ~ Sarah Nowlen
S. May Creations ~ Sarah May
Scentsy ~ Corey Triplett
Sea Horse Sea Glass ~ Nancy Hair
Sew Chicks ~ Nicole Saenz
Star West Designs ~ Heather Alspach
Swissjust North America ~ Nicole Miller
Tastefully Simple ~ Rhonda Collins
The Craftsman Way ~ Michael Cheer
31 bags ~ Amy Weber
Trento's Treasures ~ Kim Garrett
Tupperware ~ Wendy Knapp
Tuscan Road Designs ~ Holly Louen
Two Sisters and a Horse ~ Cathy Watson
Unique Boutique ~ Ashley & Becky
Vaqueros & Vino ~ Rindy Andrews
Vintage Bliss ~ Amy Hendricks
Western Sunset Trading Post ~ Susi Griffiths

Go Small, Get Vintage (& win $50!)

Don't worry about cutting Thanksgiving short this year to stand in line to shop: avoid a people traffic jam, starting off the season frustrated and tired, instead of merry and bright. Sleep in the day after, get all dolled up, and go to small businesses in your area. Find a lovely for your loved one as you leisurely stroll through the holiday shopping season.

We are all to familiar with the hustle and ordeal Black Friday has become. Recently, we discovered a small initiative to take back our post-Thanksgiving shopping, known as Plaid Friday. Here is how they describe the concept:
The name Plaid Friday was conceived from the idea of weaving the individual threads of small businesses together to create a strong fabric that celebrates the diversity and creativity of independent businesses. Plaid Friday is the relaxing and enjoyable alternative to the big box store “Black Friday,” and is designed promote both local and independently owned businesses during the holidays.
Can't make it in Friday? Not to worry, Small Business Saturday (check out their Shop Small campaign) spotlights small businesses, too! In a season centered on celebrations with friends and family, we want to celebrate with our dear customers, too. So if you find yourself here in San Luis Obispo on Friday or Saturday, November 29-30th, Shop Small & Plaid with us. And to celebrate, every purchase you make here at Ruby Rose during these two days enters you into a drawing for $50 store credit! Vintage items already come attached to so much love, so spread gifts unique and local, Santa would be proud.