Spied at The Rose

This issue of Spied at The Rose has so much style and love between moms and daughters, as well as a lot of style in details. We love the little girl in the blue Holly Hobbie style dress, which was previously worn by her mom when she was young (so cool that her daughter loves it now). Another fave of ours is Sophie, in her Ralph Lauren sweater and pink tutu! Now that is a gal after my own heart. How lucky we are to have spied all of these beauties in our little shop! --S.

Spied at The Rose

What makes a beauty? Putting together these photos for our Spied at the Rose reminded me of something a very wise gal once asked. "What is your self talk?" The question hit me like a ton of junk.

Who do we count on to build us up? Why are we looking for validation? Why is what others think so important? What should count is what we think about ourselves, what we have to offer, and that we are proud of ourselves and what we do. Tell yourself that you are a good person and deserve great things!!

spied at the rose 12/17/10

Whether a student, stay at home mom (the hardest job ever) , volunteer or career gal, you have a whole new year ahead of you to 'rock it'. If it happens to be on a Thursday or Saturday, rock it on over to Ruby Rose!