Why We Love Vintage

Vintage carries a touch of nostalgia on its back. When we find the perfect piece--perfectly worn and the fit just right--a number of mixed feelings come into play. Our sense of maturity in discovering and pulling off a fashion of old combines with our childlike love for playing dress up, to give a bit more depth and expression to what we wear out into the world. It makes the clothing that much more endearing.

On one of our recent junking trips, I came across this Patagonia jacket from the eighties. It was just exactly like the one I had in my twenties--all but mine had grey lining instead of teal. Finding it brought a rush of good memories back from my travels to Europe one summer--it was my travel coat. It went with me to Belgium to Italy to Greece, a Sound of Music tour in Austria (even though I hadn't seen the movie yet!), mountain biking through the hills of Southern California, and loads of other adventures. And boy were the eighties in full swing: check out those shorts, the hair, those Reeboks!

This found jacket doesn't match my current uniform or look, but it reminded me of my old love who traveled on my back with me years ago--I wonder where my jacket ended up? Ironically, I just put a black Patagonia jacket on my Christmas list--for chilly days at swap meets with friends, making even more memories and adventures.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Ruby Rose made it into AAA's Via Magazine!

We were featured in AAA's January/February 2014 issue of Via Magazine! We were honored to be included in their round-up travel guide! Other small businesses mentioned were Granada Hotel & Bistro, Central Coast Wines, Big Sky Cafe, Batch Ice Cream and Firestone Grill. Here is the spotlight on Ruby Rose (you can read the full write-up here: San Luis Obispo: 5 Things We Love). Thanks AAA, we sure are blushin' :)
A few blocks outside the heart of downtown, Ruby Rose fills a warehouse with desirable doodads from the 1940s through today: manual typewriters, old-fashioned globes, picture frames. Neither jumbled junk shop nor stale antique emporium, it’s a curated assemblage of surprising delights. 805-545-7964, rubyrose805.blogspot.com.
P.S. We have also updated our press page if you'd like to take a look!

Guest Post No. 2: CULTS by Jennifer Young

(images by Jennifer Young of I ART U)

If you've been following this blog for some time, you know that we always talk about Kathy and her family. We can't help it, we love her (and them), and that family is just the most talented bunch. Above are images of Kathy's niece's band, Cults, based out of Brooklyn, NY. They happened to be on tour and playing at The Crocodile in Seattle while we were there. Score! The Cults energetic presence, good sound, and catchy tunes had us singing for days! If you're interested, you can hear their music on myspace. Thanks for reading! -J.

The AFTER PARTY is TODAY!!! We'd love to see you.

Guest Post: Spied in Seattle by Jennifer Young

Hey All! We haven't officially met, but I'm Jennifer :). I collaborate with Stephanie behind the scenes to bring you what you see on this blog! I'm a photographer, blogger, and a big fan of Ruby Rose (and crew). I recently spent some time in Seattle and Stephanie asked me to share a bit of what I saw. I loved the simple style and artistic vibe in the city. Enjoy!

(images by Jennifer Young of I ART U)

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