Why We Love Vintage

Vintage carries a touch of nostalgia on its back. When we find the perfect piece--perfectly worn and the fit just right--a number of mixed feelings come into play. Our sense of maturity in discovering and pulling off a fashion of old combines with our childlike love for playing dress up, to give a bit more depth and expression to what we wear out into the world. It makes the clothing that much more endearing.

On one of our recent junking trips, I came across this Patagonia jacket from the eighties. It was just exactly like the one I had in my twenties--all but mine had grey lining instead of teal. Finding it brought a rush of good memories back from my travels to Europe one summer--it was my travel coat. It went with me to Belgium to Italy to Greece, a Sound of Music tour in Austria (even though I hadn't seen the movie yet!), mountain biking through the hills of Southern California, and loads of other adventures. And boy were the eighties in full swing: check out those shorts, the hair, those Reeboks!

This found jacket doesn't match my current uniform or look, but it reminded me of my old love who traveled on my back with me years ago--I wonder where my jacket ended up? Ironically, I just put a black Patagonia jacket on my Christmas list--for chilly days at swap meets with friends, making even more memories and adventures.

The Holiday Junking Trail!

Our bi-annual trek is back--and this time with more! Join us on a trek through SLO County on November 8, 10-4p for the 2014 Holiday Junking Trail!

For the Holiday Trail there will be the usual Trail Stops--where each store curates its own collection of vintage and olds. Some of these Stops open only a twice a year, some are holding early bird hours, and several are hosting Pop Up Vendors with more vintage, flower arrangements, artisan gift items, etc. This time, too, several local businesses are joining Along the Trail offering food, caffeine, make-your-own terrariums and gift baskets, and added gift items from local purveyors. Shop vintage, local and get your holiday shopping accomplished all in a days' time!

We are hosting Wild Poppy Goods (Taylor Kitto) and Odin Bois Wood Co. (Phil), offering vintage finds and handcrafted wood cutting boards, spoons, and more.

More information on each stop can be found on the event website, Facebook, and back here on our blog (or email thejunkingtrail@gmail.com for questions). Can't wait to see you!

Collections: Tea Traps

Mesh infusers are great for teas with very small leaves-japanese greens, rooibos, some black teas-they keep the strays locked up safe!
One great accessory can add just the needed zest to your closet needs. They can also add a lot of joy to anything you like to do: reading with just the right pillow, a great lamp in your camping gear, a sentimental ornament hanging from your rearview mirror, or a handy basket on your bicycle. And when it comes to tea, just the right infuser for your loose leaves.

I have over twenty.

Hello everybody, my name is Betsi Clark- I work with Kendra Aronson doing behind-the-scenes biz work. Collecting is also in my nature, I can't help myself! I am a tea enthusiast and tea trap collector. My grandma fueled this particular collection when she handed down a tin-full of vintage tea infusers to me a few years ago.

These long-handled traps are great for stirring, & work great for tea you like to add honey, milk and/or sugar to. Save a spoon, use a tea trap.

When a friend recently visited our home, we pulled out an infuser to make her tea. She had never seen anything like it and excitedly exclaimed, "Well that's a fancy tea trap!" What a perfect name for them! If I feel like drinking my tea with my pinky out and practicing my British accent, I will continue to refer to them as 'infusers'. But for every other tea-related moment in my life, I will forever be referring to them as 'tea traps'.

I have been drinking tea on the daily since I can remember (five years old? four??). When I discovered loose leaf tea somewhere along the way, my tea drinking took on a life of its own. There are so many ways to brew a cup of tea (just as there is for coffee)-full of ceremony and tradition-and I am on an eternal quest to find the best methods and teas to accompany them.

Each of these sweet infusers has their own saucer to accompany them! No need for you and your tea-drinking buddy to drip through the house once your tea is done steeping.
These ones remind me of acorns! Their caps screw on, ensuring the tea stays safe inside. So you don't burn your fingers fishing for the trap when its ready, hook them on the side of your tea cup before you pour the water!
There are loads of different tea infusers available nowadays, but I have my eye on one in particular to join the others in my tin. I also have a couple of bag presses and a quiver of strainers-here are ones my favorites pictured below.

I love hearing people's personal way of making tea, the many ceremonies surrounding this delectable beverage, and discovering new ways, too! If you have a tea I must try, pretty please leave a comment with any and all recommendations!

Lotta leatha

Mid Winter blues gettin' you down?
Dreaming of bikinis and wearing shorts after sunset?
Tiring out your go-to overcoat around town?
We have just the thing to get you through:
Jackets, that is.
And we have heaps of them right now! Classic sleek styles to compliment all your outfits, fringe heavy southwest-inspired jackets, form-fitting jackets-to keep your figure through all those winter layers-and lots and lots of other colors and textures. Haven't you always wanted a vintage leather jacket in your wardrobe?!
Check out these lovely ladies as they model some our greats...

The pictured jackets sizes and prices are listed below (from left to right), but we have lots more:
(1) Tan with stitching detail (on Betsi): small, $52
(2) Tan fringe: medium, $45
(3) Fitted corduroy: size 8, $74
(4) Dark brown fringe (on Kendra): small/medium, $120
(5) Light brown: medium, $58
(6) Long caramel: small/medium, $135
(7) Dark brown 3/4 sleeve: medium, $120

We are open today! Get your late shopping done at Ruby Rose!

Today, Monday December 23 we are open 11 - 3 for some last minute shopping! Did you check everyone off your list this year? We have Ruby Rose gift cards and great small items for stocking stuffers! We will be closed tomorrow, Christmas Eve, and will re-open on Thursday, January 2! We hope your Christmas is merry and bright. xo, Ruby Rose.

Vintage Holiday Shopping Guide

We've put together a nice shopping guide for you this holiday season so you can check everything off your vintage shopping list! Plaid Friday (11/29), Small Business Saturday (11/30), the Junking Trail (11/29 + 11/30), 10th Annual Cowgirl Christmas (11/30). Remember to shop local and shop vintage :) xo, Ruby Rose.

10th Annual Cowgirl Christmas

Support local + small businesses this Saturday November 30th from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. at the Trinity Hall (6565 Edna Road) for the 10th Annual Cowgirl Christmas! Hey, why not do some wine tasting while you are at it? Clairborne & ChurchillSextantPiedra Creek are all within a half-mile radius! Drink local + shop local! The following vendors and crafters will be there:

Accent by Design ~ Jim Churchill
All Around Rope Design ~ Rick Klein
All in for Alison ~ Sabrina Garibay
Aloette Skin Care ~ Kristen Jones
Ammo Wear ~ The Bartletts
Andrea's Jams & Jellies ~ Andrea Manderscheid
Arbonne ~ Julie Powell
Author Jenna Elizabeth Johnson ~ Jenna Johnson
Barn Star Soaps ~ Meghan Sheen
Be-Do-Ni Arts ~ Loretta Nez
Bitterwater Road ~ Julie Kuhnle & Jani Kasfeldt
BombShell Betty Shop ~ Jodi Douglass
Boot Purse Barn ~ Chris West
Buckaroo Chunk Wood Grills ~ Tom King
Buckin' Cow & Wanna Buck ~ Cindy Soberano
California Cashew Brittle ~ Amy Hinden
Carissa Country Store ~ Emily Palmer
Catchers of the Sun ~ Cynthia Youngern
Celebrate Every Day Photography ~ Missy Schwartz
Central Coast Cowgirls Drill Team ~ Faith Cortez & Yolanda Goldammer
City Girl Country Charm ~ Lacey Chrissakis
Chicsak ~ Sally Buchanan
Cowgirls Country Outpost ~ Ally Krueger
Creative Clutter ~ Sandra Hopkins
Crimson Heart Studios ~ Cindy Dubbers
Crossed by Gypsy Soule ~ Janel Flook
Cattle Coozies ~ Sara Schultz
Cherry Tape ~ Sherry Logan
Cookie Lee ~ Jennifer & Amy
Coop & Barrel ~ Jennifer Rodriguez
Corbett Canyon Crafts ~ Mallory Furtado
Country Treasure Box ~ Kim Poletti
Coyote Ridge ~ Diana Saulsbury
D & N Designs ~ Nate & Destini Bisio
Elfin & Isla ~ Lara Levy
Flores Family Blankets ~ Ashley Flores
Garden Street Art ~ Jamie Tyler
Gemstone Gypsy ~ Glenna Valenzuela
Glitter Farm ~ Jenny Karp
Guts N Grit ~ Randi Kampen
Gypsy Cowgirl ~ Jennifer Carey
Head Trip ~ Glory Vanhorn
Heart House Creations ~ Russ Harrah
Hernandez Bit & Spur ~ Joe Hernandez
Horse N Beyond ~ Pam Bobson
It Works ~ Melissa Mann
Jewelnanza ~ Kimber Bogue Black
Jewel Kade ~ Melissa McConaghey Thomas
Julietta's Natural ~ Julie Grimes
K. Donlon Designs ~ Kerry & Dave Bowen
KC Crafters ~ Christi Millsap
KL Kustom Kreations ~ Krystie Hinkle
La Bella Olives & Gourmet Foods ~ The Sackmanns
Lia Sophia ~ Leslie Gottesman
Life After Love Boutique ~ Hogla Garcia
Little Outlaw Creations ~ Michelle Alexander
Little's Bowtique ~ Lillianne Delapaz
Love, Chrystal ~ Chrystal McNeil
Lyn & Lee ~ Cassandra Erpenbach
Mason and Lace ~ Lacy Lewis
Mikes Trains & Hobbies ~ Mike Marple
Minabazar ~ Jamil Rana
Nana Bandanas Leatherworks ~ Sally Donaldson
Native Herbs & Honey ~ Violet Cavanaugh
Norwex ~ Vanessa Pronge
Old Finds New Shine ~ Lisa Vincent
Ontiveros Wine Barrel ~ Donna & John
Origami Owl ~ Michelle Alexander
Painted Trails Farm ~ Carol Mallory
Pamela's ~ Pamela Amrine
The Pampered Chef ~ Cathy Solkshinitz
The Crafty Hubby ~ Chris Rogalla
Partylite Gifts, Inc ~ Kasondra Zamora
Photography by Jimmy de ~ Jim deBrauwere
Plexus Worldwide & Heart 4 Health Massage ~ Katrina Pobst
Polly Jane's ~ Polly Fitzgerald
Pozo Fence Post Art ~ Janice McBride
Pure Necessities ~ Taryn Warrrecker
Recycled Denims ~ Heidi Clark
Rita's Rainbows ~ Cassy Goehner & Mary Holliday
Roost ~ Susan Ammirota
Rustic Treasures ~ Sarah Nowlen
S. May Creations ~ Sarah May
Scentsy ~ Corey Triplett
Sea Horse Sea Glass ~ Nancy Hair
Sew Chicks ~ Nicole Saenz
Star West Designs ~ Heather Alspach
Swissjust North America ~ Nicole Miller
Tastefully Simple ~ Rhonda Collins
The Craftsman Way ~ Michael Cheer
31 bags ~ Amy Weber
Trento's Treasures ~ Kim Garrett
Tupperware ~ Wendy Knapp
Tuscan Road Designs ~ Holly Louen
Two Sisters and a Horse ~ Cathy Watson
Unique Boutique ~ Ashley & Becky
Vaqueros & Vino ~ Rindy Andrews
Vintage Bliss ~ Amy Hendricks
Western Sunset Trading Post ~ Susi Griffiths

Go Small, Get Vintage (& win $50!)

Don't worry about cutting Thanksgiving short this year to stand in line to shop: avoid a people traffic jam, starting off the season frustrated and tired, instead of merry and bright. Sleep in the day after, get all dolled up, and go to small businesses in your area. Find a lovely for your loved one as you leisurely stroll through the holiday shopping season.

We are all to familiar with the hustle and ordeal Black Friday has become. Recently, we discovered a small initiative to take back our post-Thanksgiving shopping, known as Plaid Friday. Here is how they describe the concept:
The name Plaid Friday was conceived from the idea of weaving the individual threads of small businesses together to create a strong fabric that celebrates the diversity and creativity of independent businesses. Plaid Friday is the relaxing and enjoyable alternative to the big box store “Black Friday,” and is designed promote both local and independently owned businesses during the holidays.
Can't make it in Friday? Not to worry, Small Business Saturday (check out their Shop Small campaign) spotlights small businesses, too! In a season centered on celebrations with friends and family, we want to celebrate with our dear customers, too. So if you find yourself here in San Luis Obispo on Friday or Saturday, November 29-30th, Shop Small & Plaid with us. And to celebrate, every purchase you make here at Ruby Rose during these two days enters you into a drawing for $50 store credit! Vintage items already come attached to so much love, so spread gifts unique and local, Santa would be proud.

It's Radiculous!

A few of us at The Rose have a love for the 70's. Recently and without a plan, Kathy and I discovered that we both found and brought in a variety of flashback items.


How bitchin' is that!

I remember begging for the Chemin de Fer hip huggers and the cool ski jacket. There was no need to see the snow, you just had to have the jacket. Desert boots, Wallabee's, and music, were essentials.


This week, we rocked the striped pants with the gromet rings, the tiger flares, and the embroidered mom jeans.


I think it was '79 that I started my career at Contempo Casuals.

This was probably where the love of trends and retail started.


Rock on!

A Change of Seasons


We are forever changing the displays here, usually depending on what we have brought in or if something large has sold. It seems lately that items are moving in and out at a quicker pace.


This past week week, we brought in so much new inventory that we had to change up the entire place! Luckily, there are a handful of us that find this a fun challenge. It is similar to a puzzle to rework all of our pieces and displays and we ended up working day and night to get it just right.


What is especially fun this month, is that we have so many different categories, which covers and all of my faves! Some of them being: color, imported, textiles, lighting, clothing, art...


Just What is the Etiquette?

This weekend on the central coast is the Three Speckled Hens show in Paso Robles, and the following weekend will be the Remnants of the Past show. Along with those shows, there are a handful of shops in the area the we will be visiting.


So what exactly is the protocol on asking for a better price? Do we ask in the shops? We certainly don't want to hear about someone getting an item for a better price than we could have gotten it for.



1. The first day of a show (especially the first few hours) , dealers are less on "dealing" at this time. Most of their inventory is just out for the first time and they are not as motivated to take a lower price. My advice here is, "if you see something at a price that you think is fair, don't hesitate, as we all know, there is someone right behind you that is waiting for you to put it down".

2. As the day goes on, the rush has passed, and you are considering an item (and a few dollars would make or break the purchase), ask the dealer in a very kind way "Are your prices firm?"...or if there are a few pieces that you are interested in, make an offer such as, "I am interested in these three items. Could you make a deal if I take all 3?". Another approach would be, "Is there any wiggle room here?"...and the words I use a lot at flea markets, let's say the item is $45, "Would you consider $40?".

3. Dealers at flea markets and shows are used to working with us and they are always kind if you are kind. Sometimes we may get an answer like, "On these items, I am firm.". My advice here is to respectfully take a "no" as well as a "yes".

4. The wonderful thing about both of these shows is that they are held for two days. If possible, go back the second day and look again. You may see something you didn't see on day one, or maybe the item you are thinking about may still be there! Dealers are much more motivated on day two--especially toward the end of the day.



1. If you are in an antique mall or a collective, where there are many dealers under one roof, some spaces will have a sign stating what their discount is...or you can go to the desk and ask, "Does this dealer consider offers?" or, "Is this dealer firm on his/her prices?".

2. If you are in a boutique store that has antiques, resale, or junk throughout, try to look around the counter to check out their policies--discounts, return procedure if any, or notice of sales. This area can be a little tricky, so tread lightly and once again, manners are very important here. Since owning a small business, I have come to realize how tight things have to be. If prices are too high, the customer walks or a reputation is made, if they are too low, then we work and stress to make our month. Pricing has thought and value in it, so each separate buisness knows what they need to do.

3. Here at Ruby Rose, our policy is that we put out our best price and that is that. We feel that the customer that comes every week to buy a little somethin' is just as important as someone buying multiple items. In the 8-9 years that we have been a company, we can count on one hand the times we have altered this, thus, we have a reputation for not dealing but that we are fair to all.

So that is our two cents. These are all suggestions...as everyone plays a little different. Just try to have fun, listen to that inner voice when you get giddy over an item, and be considerate (good manners!).


The Weekly FIVE

What we are serving up this week:

1. We have what we call grandmas corner--beautiful 7' curtain panels, favorite chair, pics and religious ornaments.IMG_8024

2. Keeping up with the linens--perfect chair and comfy pieces to cozy up to on these beautiful fall eves.


3. Bottles. They speak for themselves--some were filled with perfume, ink, liquid...what will you fill them with?



4. You asked and we delivered. Globes and maps are restocked.


5. These carriage doors needed to be shown--they are in excellent shape and ready for their next home.


We had a sixth but it sold. That is good news!


I haven't looked at the Anthropologie catalog as an inspiration/coveting catalog for quite some time. I used to, and would also look forward to Tuesdays when they would put up new sale items on their website. Lately, the clothes seem to be tailored to tall and thin gals or over the top embellished. Much to my surprise, this months catalog put a skip in my step! The colors and styling is fantastic!

Loving the shots of wood, corrugated tin, brick and cloth--such great texture. The skirt pictured looks flattering with the band of white at the top. OK, and those boots!!! Santa, I've been good!
anthro catalog 2 & 3

Love the dress mixed with fall accessories, perfect with the season change.
The textiles look so similar to the gypsy rugs that we have in!
anthro 5

Oh my, oh my (times 5!)! Just when I thought I've seen the best, it gets better!!!

This is exactly how I look doing my laundry...
anthro 28

Oh my, once more!
anthro 29

Seriously, have you ever seen such vibrant and mixed use of color? Love!
anthro 31

Amazing embroidery on leather. I hope the sale price is half of half of a half!
anthro 34

These pictures and stylist have sent me to the moon!
anthro 42anthro 46 & 47

At Ruby Rose, we have always been a fan of linens. They play such an important part of putting a spin or detail to a room. We are committed to keeping a supply of linens year round--they are a perfect touch and change with each season. Looking forward to next months anthro catalog!


Last weekend we went to the Rose Bowl to go a boot and shoe huntin'. We knew that going to this flea in August was not a great idea, since it is at the base of the foothills on solid blacktop with no shade. Seriously. The rose bowl has a handful of different sections--the back section is dedicated to mostly vintage clothing, accessories, and lots of mid century and retro...so this is where we primarily shop. We have found that it is important for us to have a specific list on what we are looking for because it can become overwhelming.

Screen shot 2011-08-29 at 2.25.39 PMIMG_1706IMG_1720


We found some fantastic pairs and in some very requested sizes! These are all priced between $46 and $85 and are in sizes 8 to 91/2. We are working hard to find size 10's. They are hard to find but we have the word out, so maybe next month!!

Guest Stylist of the Month: Taylor of the Little Deer

We have been a big fan of Taylor from The Little Deer for some time now. She is a fan of vintage and if you have seen and followed her blog, she has a talent for styling, accessorizing and creativity. Our mannequins were in need of some freshness for this new season, so we called on her to spruce us up. It was no suprise as to what she pulled from the racks--vintage, texture, and layers.

This vintage coat with a new dress looks so chic.

A little lacey lingerie with a chunky vintage sweater and little touches of a leather belt and a copper pin is a perfect go-to outfit.

Another favorite--a little lacey dress and beaded cardigan and a beautiful scarf for color!

What did I learn from this experience? Re-look at your inventory whether it be in the shop or in the closet. Maybe it's not an overhaul that is needed, maybe just a fresh look at what you've got, a few accessories and a lot of attitude. Thank you Taylor!

The (Not So) Weekly Six

(We hope that it will soon be weekly!)

Another of Kathy's super talented family members has a crazy wit about her. We send her black and whites and she makes the funniest and sassiest cards! These are a sample.1

We introduced a linen room a few weeks ago and the response has been tremendous! We have curtain panels, pillow cases, table cloths, quilts and well, you get it. When you look through pages of inspiring books and certain rooms speak to you, they usually have fabrics and texture that draw you in. Linens are one of the thriftiest ways to update and change the feel of a room!

T-shirts and summer dresses with details! Fun fun fun!

The Weekly Six

This week's six is spotlighting spring fashion!

1. This lacey Anna Sui dress is so sweet and sexy!

2. By now you know of our love of long flowy dresses, fresh from the 70's, this one is cut perfectly and is so ready to rock the spring and summer of '11.

3. This floral Free People dress is so easy to wear and can go everywhere! We really must learn to hide the VW keys.

4. Orange--so classic while so current! This beautiful number was picked out at the local flea.

5. Braided leather headbands embellished with feathers (made by one of our beautiful customers). They won't last long!

6. Ok seriously, hide the keys!!